Step 1: Contact the School Office

If you would like to begin our school application process, please contact our school office to schedule a school tour. Simply fill out the School Inquiry form at the bottom of the page, or email

Step 2: Interview

An interview with the principal will be scheduled once classroom availability is determined. All transferring students from 1st - 12th grades must have a personal interview with the principal before enrollment can begin. Students seeking enrollment into Kindergarten will meet the school principal, but an interview is not required.

Step 3: Submit Forms

The following list of forms must be completed and submitted in entirety for enrollment

a. Application Form

b. Financial Information

c. Commitment Statement

Forms can be downloaded near the bottom of this page

Step 4: Pay Registration Fee

A registration fee of $150 is required upon submission of the registration form.

Step 5: Provide Additional Documents

a. Birth Certificate

b. School Transcripts (if transfer)

c. Immunization Record

d. Pastoral Recommendation (7th-12th)

Step 6: Payments Due Before Classes Start

The curriculum fee, additional fees, and first month's tuition are due on the first day of school. Go to Cost & Tuition for financial information and tuition breakdown.

In addition, uniforms and school supplies must be purchased before school starts. The uniform guide, order forms, and school supply list can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Email all forms to


Application Form

Commitment Statement

Transcript Release

Uniform Details & Order Form

School Supplies List

Registration Form (for returning students)


Full Year Tuition (10% Discount)

1st Child
$ 3,555
2nd Child
$ 3,105
3rd Child
$ 2,655
4th Child +
$ 2,205

10-Month Tuition Plan (August-May)

1st Child
$ 395
2nd Child
$ 345
3rd Child
$ 295
4th Child +
$ 245

Yearly Fees

All Grades
$ 150
Art Supply
K4-2nd Grade
$ 50
K5, 8th, & 12th Grade
$ 50
6th-12th joining Sports
$ 200
P.E. Shirt
All Grade
$ 10
IOWA Testing
1st-12th Grade
$ 30

Curriculum Fees

BOOK RENTAL (4th-12th Grade only)
$ 175

The student will receive books that are to be on a rental basis. He/she will receive books at the beginning of the school year and will be returned at the end of the school year. Students may receive old or new books depending on the supply. Students are expected to take care of the books. Books lost or significantly damaged will result in a fee.

Kindergarten 4
$ 150
Kindergarten 5
$ 150
1st Grade
$ 250
2nd Grade
$ 250
3rd Grade
$ 220
4th Grade
$ 220
5th Grade
$ 220
6th Grade
$ 220
7th Grade
$ 190
8th Grade
$ 200
9th Grade
$ 220
10th Grade
$ 275
11th Grade
$ 280
12th Grade
$ 225